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A low-fat diet is a dietary approach that emphasizes a reduced intake of fats, particularly saturated fats and trans fats.

It was historically recommended for heart health, weight management, and overall wellness, though modern dietary recommendations often emphasize the quality of fats over quantity.

Main benefits of the Low-Fat Diet:

  • Heart Health: A low-fat diet, especially one low in saturated and trans fats, can help reduce the risk of heart disease and improve cholesterol levels.
  • Weight Management: Fats are calorie-dense, providing 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram for carbohydrates and protein. Reducing fat intake can help reduce overall calorie consumption.
  • Digestive Health: For some people, especially those with certain gallbladder or pancreatic conditions, a low-fat diet can help alleviate symptoms.

It’s crucial to ensure that reducing fat doesn’t lead to an overconsumption of refined carbohydrates or added sugars.

A low-fat diet is focused on reducing overall fat intake, especially harmful fats, to promote heart health and weight management.

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